Welcome to Cherry's BSD Project Support page.

As an itinerant programmer, I depend on corporate projects or private individual donations to make a living. If you are either a corporation, or a person, and would like to support my work on the BSD Operating Systems, please read on.

This web page summarises some areas of improvement to the BSD projects that I intend to work on, with your financial support.

I've chosen these projects because:

  1. They're small enough to be funded modestly, yet critical enough that they make a noticable difference to BSD users.
  2. They're an area of work I'm familiar with. This means that the lead-up time to (and thus cost of) project execution is optimised.

If you don't want to make a donation in support any of the projects listed below, but would like to support a new area of work, please email me cherry@NetBSD.org or cherry@FreeBSD.org, with a suggested project, and a donation amount that you are willing to promise for it.

Please click here to skip directly to projects and funding goals.

How to make Financial contributions

There are two ways you can financially support my work:

1. Donations

You can promise an amount and vote for one or more projects below. As soon as I get sufficient votes to meet at least one project funding goal, I will start working on that specific project. If you didn't vote for the project I chose, I will not ask you to send money. If, however, you did vote for the selected project, I will send an email asking that you transfer funds, before I begin work.

When I finish the project, I will archive its entry on this webpage, with suitable donor attribution (if the donor consents). I will then iterate over the remaining projects and promises, in the manner just described.

A suggested minimum donation amount is $10. Revising your promised amount (upwards) is a good way to speed up project execution. Promising a larger amount increases the likelihood of your voted project being chosen next.

2. Project Funding

If you can commit funding to a specific larger project not listed here, or a combination of projects below, please email me first, since that may need project management effort.

If you'd like to fund a project through The NetBSD Foundation, please contact finance-exec@NetBSD.org and say that you would like to sponsor me through them to work on your project. Donations to the TNF are Tax deductible in the US. See: http://www.netbsd.org/donations/

If you'd like to fund a project through The FreeBSD Foundation, please contact donations@freebsdfoundation.org and say that you would like to sponsor me through them to work on your project. Donations to the TFF are Tax deductible in the US. See: https://www.freebsdfoundation.org/donate

Project Title Duration Funding Goal (USD) Funding Promised (USD) Funding Recieved (%) Details
FreeBSD amd64 Xen/PV: finish up and merge to -current 50 days $5000 $0 0% TBD
NetBSD: Network backend driver TCP Segment Offloading 10 days $500 $0 52% Click Here
NetBSD: Network frontend driver TCP Segment Offloading 10 days $500 $0 208% Click Here
NetBSD: spl(9) code cleanup for xen 2 days $100 $0 200% Click Here


Thank you for your support!

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