My Interests

  • Spaces:

    • I'm interested in physical spaces, and how they can emerge as hubs for peer education. I was interested in the hillhacks project, and now in the hackbeach one. See: for updates.
  • Computers:

    • NetBSD on Itanium: I imported the FreeBSD sources and hacked on them a bit.
    • NetBSD on Xen : I'm under contract with TNF to port NetBSD/Xen to run Multiprocessor.
    • Neural Networks: I'm particularly interested in the STDP regime and Izhikevich's work, and CPGs (Central Pattern Generators). I'm currently working on a small android application to see what behaviours emerge from CPGs with realtime input.

    • Adaptive Systems: I did an MSc. in Adaptive systems.

    • Travel: See my Blog and Pictures. There used to be an older flicker account, but I don't use it anymore.

    • Sociology: I'm particularly interested in combining complex systems modelling with sociology in an attempt to better understand problems in society. This may or may not be pursued sometime in the mists of time.

    • Charity: I have volunteered at maintain a close relationship with a local charity.

    • Language: I speak Malayalam and English fluently. I'm currently learning how to speak Korean and can read the Hangul script with some difficulty.


  • I am self-employed at the moment. I fund myself by writing documentation for C api's, systems programming, and other miscellaneous work. I'm competent in C programming and computer architecture among other things. Feel free to get in touch with prospective business.
  • I usually hang out on irc at #badnicks on


  • I used to be a heavy facebook user for 9years. You can find an archive of my deleted account here

  • I used to be a twitter user for many years. You can find an archive of my deleted account here